All-Freight, LLC started business in April 2005 moving freight as a transportations broker. Our expertise is in moving food grade tanker , which includes products such as; milk, cream, whey, and some oils.
As brokers, we are insured to move all types of cargo, such as van and refrigerated products . Since starting our business, we have mainly focused on transporting food grade products . As we continue to grow and expand our business, our plans are to be more diversified in other types of products we can move.
We have many years of experience in the transportation industry. For 27 years we owned our own trucking company as food grade carriers. In 1978 we began hauling local milk from the farm and in 1995 we started transporting milk in 38 states for different clients. Since 1995 we have been on the board of directors in two food grade drying plants, known as Bluegrass Dairy and Food.

Our previous ownership as transport carriers has given us many long-standing relationships within the industry and we understand how things need to function for both the manufacturer and the carrier. We respect the privacy of our clients and all business conducted through All-Freight is highly regarded as confidential.

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