Our Story


Since 2005

In 2005 All Freight LLC launched its moving and freight transportation brokerage services. As an 3PL provider, All Freight specializes in food grade tanker freight (for example: milk, cream, whey, and certain types of oils).

All Freight is licensed to transport all types of cargo, such as van and refrigerated products. While we specialize in food grade transportation, we are also expanding into more diversified freight markets. Diversification will allow All Freight to serve a larger audience with on time logistics.

It’s our mission to provide our customers with the best customer service possible. This is why we handle every account with digression, protecting both privacy and confidentiality.

Our Roots

All Freight’s roots date back all the way to 1978. For 27 years we owned our own trucking company that specialized in food grade transportation. We got our start hauling local milk from farms and in 1995 we expanded our distribution network to 38 states with a variety of clients. In 1995 we also  held place on board of directors for two dairy plants.

As veterans of the freight industry, we have gained substantial transportation experience. This experience has given us expert knowledge and industry insight in both manufacturer and carrier needs.

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